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news posts from April 2018

  • 17.10. 2017

    Alternative providers: debunking the myths

    This HEFCE Blog is about alternative providers (AP) and makes for interesting reading. Are there opportunities for collaboration? An AP is defined as any provider of higher education courses in the UK which: does not directly receive annual funding from HEFCE or its equivalent bodies in the devolved administrations does not receive direct annual public funding is not a FE college. The AP sector is an incredibly diverse part of HE. Some APs have several thousand students, and some of them have around 20. Some APs provide dozens of different courses, whereas others focus on a single area. Some focus mainly on specialist vocational qualifications, whereas some offer traditional graduate and post-graduate degrees. Much of what APs do challenges the traditional models of HE delivery.

  • 27.09. 2017

    Breaking the barriers to engagement: Understanding HE perceptions through young researchers

    For the Castleford community, the findings indicate that barriers to higher education are not caused by lack of aspiration to pursue this path, but by not having the adequate information to do so. This was particularly true for degree apprenticeships

  • 20.09. 2017

    Achieving change through partnership-  the National Collaborative Outreach Programme

    Developed to change the lives of young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of England, the National Collaborative Outreach Programme is nine months old. So what does success look like for the programme and how have things been going?

  • 29.08. 2017

    Are degree apprenticeships right for my child?

    This HEFCE Blog provides a basic overview of Degree Apprenticeships which could be very useful in a careers setting

  • 20.08. 2017

    Two-year accelerated degrees are on their way!

    The Telegraph article provides interesting summer holiday thinking. The model could be based on the established University of Buckingham programme, where students follow a four-term model with five weeks holiday at Christmas, two weeks at Easter, three weeks in the summer and two weeks holiday in September

  • 30.07. 2017

    Degree apprenticeships

    Following the announcement from the Education and Skills Funding Agency about the forthcoming Invitation to Tender for funding to deliver apprenticeships to non-levy-paying employers, HEFCE has commissioned UVAC to deliver a range of support for the higher education sector

  • 23.06. 2017

    New assessment highlights excellence of teaching and learning across UK universities and colleges

    The results of the Teaching Excellence Framework provide a new picture of excellence in teaching and learning in UK higher education

  • 21.06. 2017

    Six reasons why higher education and local growth have converged

    Almost 140 universities, colleges, local councils and NHS bodies have started work as part of the new Local Growth Academy – a unique programme designed to build stronger collaboration at the local level.

  • 10.06. 2017

    HEFCE has published ‘Recurrent grants for 2017-18’ (HEFCE 2017/05), and update to the HEFCE Register

    The provides a summary of provisional allocations to institutions of recurrent funding for the academic year 2017-18.

  • 15.05. 2017

    HEFCE Direct funding: Guidance for applying for entry in 2018-19

    This HEFCE document provides information on the application process for English publicly funded colleges that are not currently in a funding relationship with HEFCE and are seeking to become directly funded for the academic year 2018-19

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