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news posts from June 2018

  • 09.12. 2017

    The higher education market—National Audit Office

    Only 32% of higher education students consider their course offers value for money, and competition between providers to drive improvements on price and quality has yet to prove effective!

  • 28.11. 2017

    Higher level (4 and 5) Technical Education and Institutes of Technology

    DfE speakers Elisabeth Cuthbertson, Deputy Director,Skills Provider Base and Ian Caplan, Deputy Director, Skills Strategy & Adult Education Policy provided a presentation at the recent AOC conference see link below

  • 17.11. 2017

    It is time to tackle the part-time crisis

    HEPI leads the debate about the collapse in part-time higher education – and what to do about it – by the Vice-Chancellor of the UK’s largest university. Fixing the broken market in part-time study: Open University says part-time students ‘learning while earning’ needs direct funding A new report, Fixing the Broken Market in Part-Time Study, by The Open University, published on the website of the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), says the collapse in part-time higher education is a symptom of a broken market.

  • 10.11. 2017

    Everything you need to know about T-Levels

    The Department for Education has confirmed its intention to conduct a review into higher level technical education. The review will look across Level 4 & 5 education, focusing on how technical qualifications at this level can better address the needs of learners and employers. The T-Level Action Plan sets out how the new qualifications will be developed and delivered. There are 15 routes, each of which is intended to ‘bring together related occupations in a particular sector’. Guidance on the 'work placement capacity and delivery fund' to support T-Levels

  • 04.11. 2017

    Degree apprenticeships HEFCE update

    In the link below universities and colleges can find out more about support for degree apprenticeships and what changes to policy might mean for them The Government aims to support 3 million new apprenticeship starts by the end of this parliament.

  • 26.10. 2017

    OFFA calls for fundamental changes in widening participation

    The Office for Fair Access has today called on universities and colleges to make fundamental changes in their approaches to widening participation to bring about a step change in access to higher education. A new report, commissioned by OFFA and authored by Professor Liz Thomas, encourages universities and colleges to take a ‘whole institution approach’ to widening participation – embedding fair access at all levels, engaging across all areas of work and including senior management. The report includes evidence and case studies, plus an evaluation tool to help universities and colleges understand how to develop and sustain a whole institution approach in their own individual contexts.

  • 17.10. 2017

    Alternative providers: debunking the myths

    This HEFCE Blog is about alternative providers (AP) and makes for interesting reading. Are there opportunities for collaboration? An AP is defined as any provider of higher education courses in the UK which: does not directly receive annual funding from HEFCE or its equivalent bodies in the devolved administrations does not receive direct annual public funding is not a FE college. The AP sector is an incredibly diverse part of HE. Some APs have several thousand students, and some of them have around 20. Some APs provide dozens of different courses, whereas others focus on a single area. Some focus mainly on specialist vocational qualifications, whereas some offer traditional graduate and post-graduate degrees. Much of what APs do challenges the traditional models of HE delivery.

  • 27.09. 2017

    Breaking the barriers to engagement: Understanding HE perceptions through young researchers

    For the Castleford community, the findings indicate that barriers to higher education are not caused by lack of aspiration to pursue this path, but by not having the adequate information to do so. This was particularly true for degree apprenticeships

  • 20.09. 2017

    Achieving change through partnership-  the National Collaborative Outreach Programme

    Developed to change the lives of young people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of England, the National Collaborative Outreach Programme is nine months old. So what does success look like for the programme and how have things been going?

  • 29.08. 2017

    Are degree apprenticeships right for my child?

    This HEFCE Blog provides a basic overview of Degree Apprenticeships which could be very useful in a careers setting

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