We represent over 40 of the largest Further Education Colleges in England with a strategic interest in Higher Education

If you want to write to us about a particular matter, please contact the MEG Chair, John Widdowson.

MEG provides a focus for teachers and managers in HE in FE to share ideas, develop policy and work together to ensure that Colleges offer the highest quality courses for their students.

We represent more than 40 of the largest Further Education Colleges

MEG provides a focus for College Based Higher Education providers to meet, discuss and share good practice and to receive up to date information and advice on Higher Education matters. The meetings are split between members’ only business and updates from guests representing Government agencies, funding and quality bodies and other HE providers and influencers. Our meetings are informal, collaborative and focus on improving professional practice for the benefit of CBHE students and staff.


Our Membership

The Chair is elected by ballot of member colleges immediately after the summer term meeting. Candidates must be a serving Principal of a member college. The Chair holds office three years, commencing on 1 August.

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A message from our Chair

Our formal title is usually abbreviated to MEG and we are referred to as the MEG colleges by Government departments, funding bodies and other membership groups. We are a group of 43 colleges which offer Higher Education in an FE setting and we can trace our origins back to a core group of members who began to discuss HE in FE matters back in the mid-1990s.

Higher Education offered in Colleges of Further Education is achieving increased recognition as a growing and responsive part of the wider higher education landscape. Colleges offer value for money HE courses which are available locally and respond to the needs of employers.

- John Widdowson
Chair, Mixed Economy Group

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If you want to discuss a particular matter please contact the MEG Chair, John Widdowson.