Our Membership

MEG has a high profile and is recognised as an authoritative voice in an increasingly diverse higher education sector in England. We take a measured and evidence-based approach to policy issues often based on members’ contributions to discussions and research papers, especially in the field of college based higher education which is our primary focus. The group serves as a network for senior practitioners and managers , enabling them to share good practice & discuss policy and strategy informally between regular termly meetings. MEG carries out research on a regular basis and is regarded as a source of informed opinion by a range of Government, academic and employer organisations. Institutions are members of MEG: actual representation at MEG meetings is the decision of college Principals.

Membership Criteria

MEG is a single-issue organisation, being concerned entirely about HE in FE matters. The force of its arguments stems from the volume of HE delivered by its members, so our only criterion for membership is that colleges wishing to join us must have at least 500 Full Time Equivalent HE students. Institutions are members of MEG: actual representation at MEG meetings is the decision of college Principals.

MEG membership runs from 1 August – 31 July. Our membership fee for the 2020-2021 academic year will be £1,800.

MEG members meet formally three times a year during college term times, traditionally face to face but increasingly via electronic media as a result of the pandemic. Additional meetings, masterclasses and working groups take place as required.

Meg Officers

The Chair

The Chair is elected by ballot of member colleges immediately after the summer term meeting. Candidates must be a serving Principal of a member college. The Chair holds office for three years.

The Vice Chairs

The group appoints two Vice Chairs by ballot, at least one of whom must be a serving Principal in a MEG college. The Vice Chairs hold office for two years from 1 August.

The Coordinator

MEG employs a Coordinator to support group meetings and activities and represent the group at a range of external events. The coordinator holds office for 2 years.

Our Current Officers

Chair 2020-2023

Colin Booth      Colin started work as an FE lecturer in 1984. He is passionate about how local HE courses within FE colleges can transform the lives of individual students and contribute to communities. His first role which included significant responsibility for HE in FE was Vice Principal at Newcastle College. Since then he has served as  principal of two FE colleges (Barnsley and Leeds City) where HE was of strategic importance.  Currently he is CEO for Luminate Education Group which delivers HE at 3 FE colleges (Leeds City, Keighley & Harrogate) and includes a distinct HEI (Leeds Conservatoire).  colin.booth@luminate.ac.uk

Vice Chairs

Dr Sam Parrett OBE, CEO & Group Principal, London South East Education Group. Joining the FE sector in 1997, Sam took up posts in three colleges before being appointed Principal at Bromley College of Further and Higher Education. Sam has extensive experience of strategic management, growth and leadership, including leading the successful three-way merger of Bromley College, Bexley College and Greenwich Community College to create London South East Colleges in 2016, closely followed by the creation of London and South East Education Group in 2017. Sam was awarded an OBE for services to Further Education in 2016 and achieved her Doctoral Degree in Education in 2019.  Sam.parrett@lsec.ac.uk

Mo Dixon Principal, Tyne Metropolitan College

In a career spanning almost 30 years, she has worked across further education, higher education, apprenticeships and skills. Mo has led a growth strategy around higher, degree and Masters apprenticeships resulting in a significant rise in enrolment. Focussed and motivated, with a strong commitment to creating an outstanding student experience, she boasts a proven track record of leading, managing and driving up curriculum and financial performance. As a MEG Vice Chair, Mo leads on sector regulation.      mo.dixon@tynecoast.ac.uk

MEG Coordinator Nick Whitehouse

Nick started as a lecturer in English and Communications at Burton Technical College in 1986 . A trained journalist, he served on the senior leadership teams of three colleges before setting up his own consultancy specialising in curriculum delivery & strategic improvement,  especially in college based higher education.  His work with MEG focuses on supporting members to navigate the changing HE marketplace.  megcoordinator@gmail.com

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