Our Membership

MEG has a high profile. This is based on its measured and evidence-based approach to policy issues which is in turn drawn from its members’ contributions to discussions and research papers. The group serves as a network for senior practitioners of HE in FE, enabling them to discuss policy and practice informally between regular termly meetings. MEG carries out research on a regular basis and is regarded as a source of informed opinion by a range of Government, academic and employer organisations.


Membership Criteria
MEG is a single-issue organisation, being concerned entirely about HE in FE matters. The force of its arguments stems from the volume of HE delivered by its members, so our only criterion for membership is that colleges wishing to join us must have at least 500 Full Time Equivalent HE students. Institutions are members of MEG: actual representation at MEG meetings is the decision of college Principals.

MEG membership runs from 1 August – 31 July. Our membership fee for the 2018-2019 academic year will be £1,500.

MEG members meet formally three times a year during college term times, usually in London. Additional meetings take place as required.

Meg Officers

The Chair

The Chair is elected by ballot of member colleges immediately after the summer term meeting. Candidates must be a serving Principal of a member college. The Chair holds office for three years.

The Vice Chairs

The group appoints two Vice Chairs by ballot, at least one of whom must be a serving Principal in a MEG college. The Vice Chairs hold office for two years from 1 August.

The Coordinator

MEG employs a Coordinator to support group meetings and activities and represent the group at a range of external events. The Coordinator may be appointed from outside MEG but must be familiar with College based Higher Education issues. The coordinator holds office for 2 years.

Our Current Officers
Chair 2017 – 2020

John Widdowson, Principal and Chief Executive of New College Durham John Widdowson

Vice Chairs

Gill Alton, Chief Executive, Grimsby Institute Gill Alton

Jerry White, Deputy Principal, City College Norwich Jerry White


Nick Whitehouse  Nick Whitehouse

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If you want to discuss a particular matter please contact the MEG Chair, John Widdowson.