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MEG responds to developments in College Based Higher Education (CBHE) by responding to consultations but also undertakes and commissions selective research for the benefit of members and the wider CBHE community . We also publish articles designed to stimulate discussion and raise awareness of CBHE matters. This section of the website includes:

● a selection of our Consultation responses;
● examples of documents drafted by MEG, sometimes jointly with other agencies, and;
● a selection of research publications including an overview of CBHE, Scholarly Activity,
Progression to HE, leadership in HE in FE, higher level Apprenticeships etc

Individual MEG member colleges have an active interest in research and scholarly activity and many hold annual HE in FE research conferences in partnership with their local universities. Examples of work completed in-house by HE teaching staff will be posted on this part of the site.


Research Documents

MEG members contribute significantly to the research that is undertaken about College based HE. As a group we have been funded to write a number of papers or research documents and these can be found in this part of the website. For ease of access, we have grouped the papers into broad headings.

A different view: the experiences of International students studying HE in a college setting.

This paper reports the findings of a survey carried out in 2017-18 into the views of
International students who are studying for HE qualifications in a publically-funded college
rather than a university setting. 2019

Case study: HE academic support service

The multi-college project at New College Durham, Sunderland College and Darlington College has put in place HE Academic Support Tutors to provide a positive study skills support experience that enhances student learning, boosts engagement with course content, and raises students’ confidence and resilience. 2019

Higher Education in Further Education: Leading the Challenge

John Widdowson CBE & Madeleine King FETL Monograph 2018

‘Facing the Future: Responding to Change in College Based Higher Education’

John Widdowson CBE & Madeleine King 2017

Exploring Scholarship and scholarly activity in college-based Higher Education

Madeleine King, Dr. Jane Davis, Carl Flint and John Widdowson CBE 2014

Scholarly Activity in Higher Education delivered in Further Education:

A study by the Mixed Economy Group of colleges Madeleine King and John Widdowson. December 2009

Higher viewpoints: studying Higher Education in a Further Education College Consultations

An analysis of student experiences. Madeleine King, Dr. Arti Saraswat and John Widdowson CBE 2014

From Trade to Profession: A review of careers education, information advice and guidance arrangements for Higher Apprentices from an FE college perspective.

A review of careers education, information advice and guidance arrangements for Higher Apprentices from an FE college perspective. Madeleine King and Jill Ward 2013

Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning.

The experiences of students studying higher education on a part time basis in English further education colleges. Madeleine King, Arti Saraswat and John Widdowson. 2015

Filling the Polytechnic size hole: the role of colleges

John Widdowson 2013

What is Higher Vocational Education and how do we define it?

Marina Parha 2013

What is Higher Vocational Education and how do we define it? ‘Inside looking out’

Dr. Sarah Shobrook 2013

Inspiring Individuals: teaching higher education in a further education college

Exploring the pedagogy of HE delivery in an FE setting   John Widdowson and Madeleine King 2012

Shaping the future: opportunities for HE provision in FE colleges

A report by the Mixed Economy Group of colleges and the 157 Group. 2012

Strategic Options, Operational Challenges: A study of Higher Education delivered in a Further Education setting

Madeleine King, Maldwyn Buckland, Maggie Greenwood, Simon Ives and Anne Thompson. 2010



MEG’s response to consultations affecting HE in FE can be found here:-

MEG response to the recent OfS consultation on Access and Participation

MEG 2018 HADA Survey Exec. Summary

MEG 2018 HADA Survey Analysis



The following organisations may be of interest to anyone involved in the delivery of HE in FE.


Government Departments

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy note was (BIS)

Department for Education (DfE)


Funding Councils

Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) archive material

The Office for Students Ofs



Useful sources of data and research:

 Association for Research in Post Compulsory Education

British Educational Research Association ( BERA )

UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) archive only

Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

University Vocational Awards Council (UVAC)

Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE)

Association of Colleges (AoC)

Consortium of Research Excellence, Support and Training (CREST)

The National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB)

The Higher Education Empirical Research Database (formerly hosted by CHERI, now with QAA)

Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes

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