Research information as to why FE is so underfunded-Further education funding in England – House of Commons Library

Colleges and sixth forms have seen a long-term decline in spending per student relative to schools. Further education spending per student aged 16–18 in 2022–23 was £6,800, which is lower than spending per pupil in secondary schools and only 11–12% greater than in primary schools having been more than two times greater in the early 1990s.

Further education colleges and sixth forms are in a particularly difficult position at present. They saw larger cuts than other areas of education after 2010 and there was no extra funding announced in the 2022 Autumn Statement to help colleges and sixth forms cope with larger-than-expected cost increases.

This briefing explains the different systems of funding available to further education providers in England, examines recent funding announcements and trends, and considers some related issues facing the further education sector. click here to access the link