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Students need to feel more connected – to both the campus and each other Jim Dickinson digs deep into the GTI/Cybil polling underpinning the UPP Foundation’s Student Futures work – and finds ways and reasons to cause students to feel more connected

Wonkhe article Whenever I look at qualitative comments on reasons for not physically engaging in things, I’m struck by the number of times I read a version of “nobody to go with”. To read the article click here

How to evaluate an access and participation plan. Wonkhe. Anna Anthony reveals five tried and tested principles for successful evaluation of access and participation plans

Establish a system to enable a “single source of truth”

As good quality data are the bedrock of good evaluation, the first principle is that all APP evaluators must have a system in place, in essence, a central database in which they bring together, and monitor, all data collected within the institution that are relevant to their APP delivery. To read the article click here

A review of collaborative support for improving equality of opportunity in access to higher education Final Report Feb’ 2024 Authors: Dr. Sally Burtonshaw, Richard Eyre, Jonathan Simons, Pete Whitehead. Public First Ltd,

To read this comprehensive report click here

Expansion of the student record: Analysis of consultation responses and decision OfS

In May 2023, a consultation on the expansion of the student record was published. The consultation was administered by Jisc and proposed changes to the collection of two main areas of student data. This paper summarises the analysis of responses provided by Jisc and the related decisions made by the OfS. click here to access the link