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From WONKHE -This week sees the launch of the Digital Learning Design Apprenticeship, the first apprenticeship standard endorsed by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT)

The standard, which was formally approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) only in late May is the result of the joint efforts of a trailblazer group bringing together employers, providers and professionals over a period of over two years, starting during the pandemic. The new Level 5 apprenticeship in Digital Learning Design is designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge needed to start a career in a rapidly evolving field of Learning Technology, with new trends and technologies emerging. To read the article click here

OfS Business and management studies – subjects in profile

This OfS data report provides contextual information about the business and management subject area.  To read the posting click here

JISC National Centre For AI in tertiary education launches pilot of ‘Teachermatic’

My thanks to Alan Birks of CLICK who has found this article

Jisc has launched a 12-month project that involves helping teachers in FE colleges to explore how AI can reduce staff workloads. The project is based on an AI system that has been developed by the Jisc National Centre for AI in Tertiary Education called ‘TeacherMatic’ which is being piloted at eight colleges. The system uses generative AI to create high-quality classroom resources in a fraction of the time it would usually take teachers. Subject matter is input by teachers and the system generates such things as schemes of work, lesson plans, learning materials, assignments and multiple-choice tests (which the system can ‘mark’).

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The Development of Higher Technical Qualification & Higher Technical Education Skills Injection Fund -Alan Birks -Click

Alan has summarised HTQ’s and their development and has analysed the funding. (HTQs) are defined by the DfE as new Level 4 or 5 vocational qualifications, or existing Level 4 and 5 vocational qualifications, such as Higher National Certificates (HNCs), Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) and Foundation Degrees (FDs). New digital HTQs are already available and the DfE says that the aim is that by 2025, new HTQ courses will be available in all vocational subject areas with IfATE approved occupational standards. To read the article click here