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The CBI in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services, has conducted research to provide new insight for businesses and evidence for the government to take action to close the digital skills gap. Susannah Odell Senior Policy Adviser CBI

The CBI and Tata Consultancy published a new report on digital skills, suggesting that the UK was at ‘a tipping point’ in this regard and calling for a ramping up of government initiatives in this area with a focus on software engineering and data analytics skills

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Office for Students responds to Review of Post-18 Education and Funding

‘Philip Augar has produced a thoughtful and important report on the future of further and higher education in England. We will now review his detailed proposals and will look forward to the government’s response.’

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The Augar review: the essential overview for HE Debbie McVitty Editor of Wonkhe

How this affects FE and the general HE sector read on.

Further education colleges need a new mission and vision, backed by meaningful funding. Protection of college title equivalent to that enjoyed by universities, a substantial increase in capital investment and the creation of a coherent national network of further education colleges delivering skills needs focused on levels three to five are the core recommendations.

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The graduate employment paradox – and how thinking locally might unlock it Charlie Ball Head of Higher Education Intelligence, Higher Education Careers Service

An interesting article from Charlie Ball redefining the profile of a 2018/19 graduate

We tend to assume that the ‘average student’ will be a young person, starting university at 18, who will move away from home to study for an honours degree on a full time basis and on graduating, will then move again to wherever is ‘best’ (commonly London) to find work.

Age and study status assumptions probably still hold: part time and mature student numbers have fallen in recent years and so new students tend to be 18 and studying full-time. A closer look at the data suggests it is time to challenge many long-held assumptions around student mobility and outcomes.

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