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OfS briefing Beyond the bare minimum: Are universities and colleges doing enough for disabled students?

Our new Insight brief highlights the potentially life-changing impact of higher education for disabled people. It challenges universities to go above and beyond ‘reasonable adjustments’ to lead the way on creating a more inclusive society.

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OfS Blog Tackling incidents of hate, harassment and sexual misconduct in higher education

Nicola Dandridge discusses the devastating impact that harassment, hate crime, and sexual misconduct can have on students, and the OfS’s role in driving improved prevention and support.

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Artificial intelligence and data science postgraduate conversion course funding OfS

A maximum level of £100,000 for individual providers and £200,000 for
collaborative bids involving different types of higher education providers.

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Adult participation in learning at its lowest level in 22 years

Research carried out by the Learning and Work Institute (LWI) and part funded by the DfE, has found adult
participation in education has fallen to a record low. Only 35% of the adults surveyed said that they had participated in any form of learning during the
previous three years.

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